Online Payment Pending Transaction

Why Payment Unsuccessful?

There are 3 reasons why the payment thru Dragonpay is unsuccessful. 

1. The student did not pay thru the selected payment option when he/she filled out the online payment form. For example, the student selected BDO online banking, but instead paying it thru online, the student pay thru BDO over the counter. Another example is the student selected to pay at Bayad Center but paid at 711.
2. The student failed to pay or validate the payment made on time. The Dragonpay payment instruction shows deadline of the reference number generated. Failing to pay or validate it on time will make the payment unsuccessful.
3. The student failed to complete the 3 process indicated in the Dragonpay payment instruction.Dragonpay Process has 3 steps, Pay, Validate, and Confirmation. It is important to follow these steps. Skipping any process will cause the payment to be unsuccessful, pending or failed.

If the student payment status in his/her ARIS Student Portal's payment logs page is not Success, the student will need to contact Dragonpay with this number 8655-6820 or with this email It's important to explain to the student why he/she should be the one to contact Dragonpay. Dragonpay will ask information to verify the student's identity, they will ask for the proof of payment as well. For ease of transaction, it will be helpful if the student will be informed that proof of payment should be ready when he/she try to contact Dragonpay.

Below is an example of Dragonpay Payment Instruction:

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