How to Process Change Prefix Student Number

1. First, check if the concerned student has posted payment and was integrated into SAP.
    1.1 If NO posted/recorded payment is in EmpowerED/SAP. Submit a request to EmpowerEd Jitbit.
    1.2 If YES, there is already posted payment. Inform/coordinate with FMR team to process the enrollment cancelation of the affected
          student/s. Then cancel all said payments made under the wrong term and SY. Do the same thing in SAP manually.
  1.2.1 Once everything was canceled (Payment/Enrollment), Create a request to EmpowerED Jitbit to change the prefix of the student number
  1.2.2 EmpowerED will process the said request and, once done, Will get back to you about the successful modification of student number
  1.2.3 Registrar will re-enlist the students again to their respective Term and SY (If there is an enrollment).
  1.2.4 FMR will apply again the canceled payment, this time to the correct Term and SY.
Creation date: 3/29/2023 8:01 PM      Updated: 3/31/2023 9:43 AM